Beyond Product

Praise for Beyond Product

"An immersion course in marketing for founders of product-based businesses… The short book was designed so that busy entrepreneurs could read it in a single sitting, and the authors’ breezy writing style makes it zip by. However, each chapter stands alone, so that readers may revisit it at each phase of a company’s growth… A forward-thinking guide to startups. - Kirkus Reviews

"I've been advising early-stage startups for over a decade, and every question I routinely get asked is answered by Jill in this book. "

- Martina Launchengo, Operating Partner, Costanoa Ventures & Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group

"Invaluable insights for entrepreneurs on all aspects of marketing... an easy-to-read, powerful framework, supported by numerous lessons learned from many business leaders and entrepreneurs." 

- Steve Mankoff, Partner, TDF Ventures

"One of the Best New Business Books of All Time" 

- BookAuthority

"The best products don't always win and it's often marketing that determines which companies thrive and which fail. This is a must read for all tech founders." 

- Judy Loehr, Founder, Bayla Ventures 

"A True Layman's Guide to Marketing...I ordered copies of this book for every single member of my company." 

- Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO/Founder, Lately

"Valuable Guide For Anyone Wanting to Pull in More Customers" 

- Kare Anderson, Emmy-winning journalist, TED speaker, Author

"Soley and Wilms do important work here: broadening the discussion from (just) development or (just) product definition to conceiving, validating, delivering and promoting real products." 

- Rich Mironov, Tech Product Exec/Consultant, Mironov Consulting

"Believe me, as someone who works with a lot of companies from startups to established giants, you NEED this book." 

- Janet Fouts, Author, CEO, Tatu Digital Media

"A smart book for growth" 

- Sean Hyde-Moyer, Co-Founder, Magic Pixel Games

“I recommend this book for anyone who is unable to tie the value of marketing resources to a CEO's performance scorecard because that lack of understanding is prevalent at the C Suite.” 

- Tom Dutta, Founder and CEO, KRE-AT, Author